These days, menus seem chock-full of overpriced entrées paired with confusing sides. For a no-fuss, mouthwatering meal, venture to The Mucky Pup, a recently opened Liberty Street foodie spot offering delicious hot dogs, fries, toppings, and drinks.

You may remember The Mucky Pup as a band that formed in Bergenfield in the late 1980s. Turns out, the same fellows have opened their own hot-dog haven in Little Ferry, wrought with hardcore lunchtime enthusiasm. The reigning fan favorite dog combines breakfast and lunch: it’s wrapped in bacon and served over a fried egg with cheese. Or, sample simpler pleasures, like a chili dog and cheese fries, washed down with a classic root beer or cream soda. There are a few rules though – No Squeeze Cheese and No Yellow Mustard!

Open from 12pm-5pm daily (Closed Sundays).
The Mucky Pup
272 Liberty St.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
(201) 440-1880 (Free Delivery)